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Custom Orthotics

High-Quality Custom Orthotic Services

Relieve Your Pain and Improve Your Gait

We provide custom orthotics for patients facing foot and ankle pain, instability, or foot and ankle deformities. Our custom orthotic services can also give you relief from diabetes or arthritis and will aid in a swift and gentle recovery after the foot or ankle surgery.

Bruce A. Tabak DPM provides you with in-office custom orthotics. Senior DISCOUNTS are available. Get in touch with us.

Get Comfortable Orthotics Support When You Need it the Most

After a complete evaluation of your feet and ankle needs, we will custom fit you with the proper orthotics. This will provide you with proper support and comfort.

We will work with your individual needs, problems, or pains and match the contours of your feet and ankle to get you moving around happily and comfortably again.

Custom Orthotic Services

  • Flat feet
  • Arthritis deformities
  • Limb length discrepancies
  • Athletic and sports injuries
  • Abnormal gaits
  • Heel pain and heel spurs
  • Diabetic foot conditions
  • Post-surgery recovery
Dr. Tabak will provide you with supportive orthotic services that cater to your specific foot and ankle care needs.
House Calls available for the home bound.
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We welcome new patients. House appointments are available! Contact Bruce A. Tabak DPM today.
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